Immigrant Storytelling

After spending some time on the "Stories for the Classroom" page of the Immigrant Stories website, I have definitely come away with some mixed feelings about the way the site tells these "immigrant stories." I would divide my observations into two general categories: first, reactions to the site, its structure and navigation; second, the "stories" … Continue reading Immigrant Storytelling

Podcasting History

I have never been much of a podcast listener. I remember when the first season of Serial was big; I neither understood the appeal (and have never understood the appeal of the "true crime" genre) nor had the time to listen as a novice high school teacher. Today I regularly listen to one podcast, Vox Media's The … Continue reading Podcasting History

Mixed Reality Histories

This past week, I had the chance to try out the two "virtual reality experiences" and one "augmented reality experience" available through The St. Valentine's Day Massacre VR and A Century of Progress are alternately described as "VR interactive video," "virtual reality experience[s]," and "virtual reality tours." The Eastland Disaster is "an AR tour" of the site of … Continue reading Mixed Reality Histories